Current changes are death of naval

I retract my statement and wanna say how stupid/vague that response is.

Anyway, this is old history. After three days of event, and about 40 trouble-free games (AB/RB, all <5.0, US/EU) I really think the post people should be looking at is this one from last week (underlining added):

  • The number of shell fragments from ship guns has been increased. Previously, due to technical limitations, the number of fragments that a projectile was capable of producing was lower than it should have been. This was compensated by an increase in the destructive power of some fragments in the nose and side dispersion cones.
    • In a naval battle, when several thousand shells simultaneously fly and collide with objects, the calculation of this number of fragments affected performance and greatly reduced FPS.
      * Improved processing makes it possible to increase the maximum number of projectile fragments to three thousand, and the calculation of interaction with objects can be made even faster.
    • There are fewer blind spots between the flight sectors, and the density of the sectors has increased.
    • At the same time, the maximum possible fragmentation damage of a projectile remains the same. The distribution scheme for damage from fragments has changed. Projectiles do not cause more damage than before, but have become better and are more likely to fully deliver their potential damage.

Given that no one has reported any problems playing on low BRs, or consoles so much, and that the drops seem to be of individual players, not whole dumps of games (there’s always a baseline chance of a game failure), we should consider the possibility that increasing the projectile count to 3000, in order to make ship damage work (in order to make even bigger ships with bigger AA batteries work). “Improved processing” (server side? or are they talking about how we must all have gotten better video cards and CPUs by now?) not actually working as expected is the kind of thing that would produce the game crashes people are seeing.

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Honest question - what should be the main way to take out ships if not “not an HP bar but technically an HP bar” crew %? Flooding?

This is by far the worst update I’ve ever seen. Everything across the borad has been made worse. I’m getting a magazine explosion almost every game and in some cases every ship in a game. I had an unrepairable breach on my Crusier from a patrol boat and continued the game with 26% boyancy. My battles used to last the entire game, now I’m lucky if it last 10min. Might have to put the game away till the next update, it’s simply not enjoyable anymore.