CTM-3TBD, WW2 USMC Light Tank with a Twin .50 Cal

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caid’s suggestion #130

I would like to suggest a rather unique American tank, the CTM-3TBD

The CTM-3TBD was an American light tank built by Marmon-Herrington based on the CTM light tank. The CTM-3TBD was made for the requirements and specifications of the US Marine Corps who in 1941 issued requirements for a light tank. The specifications required a turret armed with a 12.7mm and a diesel engine. The Marmon-Herrington had already produced the CTM and CTL light tank series which was exported and also used by the US Marine Corps, with their experience they managed to build a new light tank for the US Marines, based on their ITB1 chassis

The CTM-3TBD was tested and showed satisfactory performance but was not impressive. The tank could reach 30 mph (48 km/h) and have a range of 125 miles (200 km) with light armor and good armament, but the US Marines had a fancy for the Army’s tanks and instead acquired light tanks such as the M2A4. The CTM-3TBD while being very capable and answering all requirements was still interesting to the Marines, with 5 pre-production model built for test purposes and then accepted into service in 1942 and was put into service in the 2nd Separated Tank Company in Uvea island where it saw limited services along with another tank from Marmon-Herrington. In 1943 they were sent to Samoa to be scrapped

Firepower is not the best in terms of penetration, but in suppressing fire it is great. the main armament is a twin 12.7mm M2HB heavy machine gun in the turret. The M2HB has a penetration of about 30mm at combat distance which is not impressive. But it has two of them and the fire rate is as high as 575 rounds/minutes. The total fire rate is 1150 since there are 2 guns which makes it rather deadly against tanks at the low ranks who can barely hope to survive a few hits. The turret is capable of 360° rotation which makes it practical. The elevation is unknown but probably around -10° to +20°. The ammunition carried is also unknown. From the requirement, it was probably carrying 2,000 rounds for the 12.7mm. Additionally, no less than 3 ball mounted 7.62mm machine guns are placed at the front.

The tank is not the most mobile, but it has decent mobility. The top speed being 48 km/h (30 mph) it would be capable of catching up with most tanks. The engine is a Hercules DRXBS diesel providing 123 hp which is not the most powerful. It’s half the power the Stuart tank had. The weight is 9.4 tonnes making it rather light. It all gives the tank a power-weight ratio of 13.08 hp/ton which is pretty decent. The tank would not be an agile one despite being capable of a rather good top speed. But it would not be a slow one either.

The protection is rather light. not too light but a bit below the average for the reserve level. The protection is limited to 12.7 mm all around except the rear. The rear, roof, and floor are only 6.4 mm. Still it can protect against shrapnel and LMG fire. The crew of 3 men is a bit small. 2 men are in the chassis while the commander is alone in the turret and acts as gunner and loader. The tank does not have any other kind of protection and the surface is rather flat.



+1 as long as all three .30 caliber hull machine guns are also active. I want ALL THE DAKKA!!