CT-CV 105SJHP : The one shotted

Spend multiple hours to get this event vehicle and realize that it is destroyed at the first shot by anything (10 times one shotted), anywhere it’s touched.
Then also realize that it is impossible to destroy a tank with the basic shells.
Then realize you play 90% 11.0 games …

I am once again very very very disappointed with the event vehicle.

Once complete is it playable?

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you do realise that this tank tank is supposed to be not hit in the first place ?
like all wheely boys/light tanks ?

and all vehicles are better once they are spaded or at least have mods like lrf and the better apfsds shell

Yea no, that is not how they work. Most of the gun trucks are relatively sturdy vehicles with just enough armor (30mm+) to make them practically immune to HE shells and 50cal in most angles, and the sloped armor has a decent chance to simply deflect APDS rounds. They also magically absorb all spalling so you end up shooting single crewmembers one by one if you can’t hit the ammo.
CTCV’s armor is not just unusually thin (20mm), it has aluminum parts. This seems to be one of those vehicles that can actually be overpressured by small HE rounds or a bouncing HEAT shell

Well this is also an issue like really you cant play with them on your team

A lineup to go with the Patria would be a good idea as you can first spawn your Patria, try and get some kills and scouting and then when or if you die you can keep playing as normal. Put backups on the Patria and spawn it multiple times so you can get as much per match as you can.

If you don’t have a lineup and are running this thing try to at the minimum put a backup on it so you can stay in the fight longer to get more RP per battle to get more modifications and a new round as quick as possible.

I got parts then the tandem ATGM and from there it was smooth sailing, instantly got DM23 and since I got DM23 the Patria has been pretty fun even without laser rangefinder or thermals. I use it in addition to an entire lineup completely of CV90s [Even my anti air for that lineup is a CV90]

Indeed - but there are reasons for that - like a crew that is spread out as you clearly realize.

CT-CV105 doesn’t have that kind of layout, so the comparison is irrelevant.

Hyperbole - ie exaggerated nonsense

Absolutely - deliberate ploy to encourage you to spend money on those!

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I never said skill issue or anything saying you don’t know how the play the vehicle, I never even bothered mention anything in that aspect because I don’t know how you typically like to play or what you do, everything I said was directed about the vehicle itself, the part where I directed anything at you directly was the idea that you went into the event going after the vehicle blindly since most of the issues you have encountered should not have been a surprise which is why I said you would have had to go into it blind, like any tank at that br it’s going to be a pain stock because stock heat-fs makes killing things extremely annoying, despite its size it has very few crew with the gunner and commander close which make up most of your crew in the turret that makes it easy to kill not to mention the driver isn’t that far away from the turret so at most it’s vast size is not as beneficial as something like the Class 3P which also is a lower br so it has to deal with less powerful rounds which probably helps it in that aspect, if you want me to reword part of what I said, let me ask this then, what exactly were you expecting then, because i can’t imagine what you were expecting from it? If it sounds like I’m being aggressive in my first post here it’s rather I am just confused as to what exactly you were thinking which I honestly still am and now slightly confused as to how you took my comment as straight up aggressive to that degree, if that’s what it seemed like to you that was never the intention, but you seemed to have taken it the wrong way.

And for when I said “in terms of what it is capable of it’s by no means is it a bad vehicle for its role” pay attention to the fact I said what it is capable of, that means I’m not talking about it specifically when it is stock but what it can potentially do in a fully upgraded state because it can’t reach that full potential stock, that is why I said it wasn’t a bad vehicle, by no means was me saying any of that was me just trying to say summed up say it sounds like a skill issue.
I don’t call a vehicle bad just because of how it is stock because that doesn’t represent what it is genuinely capable of otherwise every mbt in-game is then bad because it sucks playing them stock and thereby not get any better as you upgrade it, but that isn’t true, they definitely will suck when you play them stock but once they are upgraded they are much better than they were when you got them.

Exagerated for you may be, not for me. Most vehicules at this br are almost immune to Heatfs, and when it’s not, the 400mm piercing announced can’t pierce 230mm (flat land at 100m) and when piercing 80mm even not able to kill 1 crew member. No nonsense there, just an experienced fact.

Duely noticed about aggressiveness … wrong interpretation then.
About stock version of CT-CV105, i see we have the same advice on it that’s why i called it the “one shotted”. Thank you for all the explanations about the reasons it’s so easy to destroy it, i admit i didn’t took measures before starting the event.

My question was : Is it playable when full ?
Should have been : able to kill something more easily (regardless of its low resistance) ?

Answer is yes with DM33 (still hard to kill something with DM23, mostly because i faced 11.0).
Something mysterious however, when full i was several times NOT one shotted. But still very easy to kill. BMP for example can resists better (considering my experience).

I remove what i said and confirm, on my opinion, the unplayable status of this vehicle.
→ DM33 with this vehicle/canon has too many ricochet, undamaged etc … and is unable to do schrapnel to kill crew
→ On the contrary, any ammo on this vehicule do schrapnel (even bmp 30 mm … 1 ammo is enough to kill entire crew …). One hit on right back wheel can do schrapnel able to pierce armor and hit ammunitions, any hit on upper top will do schrapnel killing at least 2 crew members or will hit ammunitions.
→ The tires are probably coated with soap as it slips and is not able to climb in certain places where other wheeled vehicles can
→ The 100 km/h max speed is hardly reachable and slips so much at high speed that it’s impossible to turn correctly. cv 90105 is finally faster except on 1 or 2 maps. Any pole, bench, parasol … reduce speed by more than 10 km/h.

In conclusion, this vehicle, always on my opinion, has no advantages over those of the same kind and has additional major disadvantages.
→ Direction the garage where it will gather dust

I hope you will find something good in this vehicle for your usage unlike me.