CT-CV 105HP Shell

The CT-CV 105HP (Patria) I feel really needs a more recent shell as when you look at tanks around the same Battle Rating they have around the same penetration with more Armor and are smaller. The shell from the 105 is not good enough to what i feel as the whole point of the CV-CV 105HP is the gun system and showing it as powerful.

One example of a tank having the same or more penetration but more Armor and a smaller profile is the T-64B which is at 9.7 and has more penetration and armor, another is the leopard 2K at 9.7 with 410mm of pen and a 20mm as extra and also another example is the challenger MK.2 with 410mm of pen at 10.0.

I do not have any problems with these other tanks and play most of them but i really feel as if the CT-CV should get its M1060CV shell as that is one it actively uses and would make the gun system actually useful but as i can see that would be too powerful the M900 would be another good shell as it can use all 105 shells in NATO and would push it to be on par with the M1128. (Possibly getting one of these better shells with a slight Battle Rating increase)

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You are looking at the MBTs which it shouldnt be compared to. there is a reason its a light tank.

Also the shell while not the best is still usable. If you want to compare its shell to an mbt then do it to the M1 abrams

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Hey sorry for this giant load of writing btw.

The point I am making is that most MBT’s have better shells than this tank and sometimes lower battle ratings with better armour which as this Light tank is bigger easier to kill and has worst shells than most MBT’s it isn’t fair with its current shell. (It can get kills obviously but just has a very unreliable shell and should get more of a reliable one it is known for at a higher battle rating)

Comparing it to a light tank though there is the M1128 which has a better shell (M900 with 522mm of pen max) and is a smaller vehicle and is the exact same battle rating, the CT-CV 105HP does have a decent atgm but because of the drop on it you cant really use it at short range and medium range (sometimes), ERA can eat it and the DM33 shell is limited pen wise at its battle rating.

By the way i didnt do more examples as id be here all day lol

(again sorry for this giant load of writing and if it comes across like an argument I don’t mean it to be at all.)

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With the M1128 has a 7.5 second reload. The Patria has a 5 second reload but overall worse survivably

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Thats a good point! maybe a shell though with something like 450mm of pen or 480mm of pen (if there is one) would be good though for the Patria or a br of 10.3 to 10.7 with the M1060CV shell would be nice.

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They could and should have outfitted it with the DM63 APFSDS-T rounds. However the DM63 (if modeled correctly) should be effective against russian ERA if everything is modeled correctly. This is the Isreali made M426 round. It is already in game on the Magach 6 etc. Modern tungsten rounds are known to do well vs russian ERA IRL.

The DM23 rounds it uses should be called “PfeilPat78Lsp APFSDS-T” but they got that wrong as well.

To be fair this isn’t the only missing Tungsten round that would fair well vs ERA or should. The German L27A1 is modeled incorrectly and the USA is missing the M829A3, M829A4 etc.

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Yeah I agree with all this, the DM23 Round also gets absolutely destroyed by ERA every time it hits so when you have a large light vehicle fighting something like a turms and you non pen ERA you are going to be in big trouble.

i have 800 battles in the CV90105 and just like the Patria its best shell is DM33. If you cant make DM33 105 work which has 408 at 0 and 235 at 60. then nothing will. the postpen damage of DM33 is also just fine, most of the time you will one shot on weakspot hits and if you dont well you have a 5 second reload. while the Patria isnt as awesome as the 90105 due to its height and slower reverse. its Dart is absolutely not an issue. if the Patria gets a better dart its going up in BR, and due to its reload and mobility it will probably be to 10.7 where sweden has nothing. also the Patria is absolutely on par with the stryker. you have a 2.5 second longer reload on the stryker, yes you get a lolpen shell but if you know how to aim it doesnt matter. have you even gotten DM33 yet?

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I actually believe it should get the DM63 ammo, which can pen the ERA. With all the massive updates and new stuff russia is getting, it is time they started adding the real world shells that would eat russian tanks.

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With dm63 it will probably be 11.0 and be useless because cv90120 exists. Also what is this era talk seriously? Dm33 will go thru weakspots that have era on them. If you need a lolpen round to deal with t90. T72s and t80 you really need to learn their weakspots. I personally tire of people who just want better shells simply because they cant aim.

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It is about balance, not about aiming. russian players have never had to actually aim. The game should be balanced around this mechanic. Or they should nerf russian shells and remove spalling from all nations (not just russia like it is now).

Essentially the game should be tit for tat. Not one nation with science fiction tanks and other nations being held to a standard.

They do infact have to aim… the patria is fine with dm33 at 10.0 and at full uptier. You talk about ballance yet you’re under the illusion that a russian tanks doesnt need too aim against nato mbts. I doubt you have much time at high/top tier with this opinion. I have zero issues vs russian tanks with dm33. And in my opinion russian mbts a kinda bad outside of t80. T72/t64/T90 are not the most fun things to play compared to the better nato mbts. On a final note keep in mind russian tanks have decent at best mobility and abysmall reverse/subpar gunhandling. Only t80s and t72b3 have fast forward mobilty and good gun handling but still terrible reverse. Mobility matters and especially the ability to be able too reverse fast. This game isnt just about the pen number you see on a shell. Adapt to your target.

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Yeah i have used DM33 btw i use it on the XC-8 so it would be pretty much the same with the Patria

out of Curiosity what tank do you have trouble penetrating with DM33, because i personally cant think of one. Turms is easy as heck to pen unless you get volumetriced and k1 decides to eat your entire dart, this even happens to m900 even the chally 1 with its strong l26 shell ive had this happen on and the ztz96 dart… ive also lost a dart too ERA on the best shells in game, its sadly just some BS RNG era has sometimes. Honestly its just ERA overperforming and sometimes causing stupid Volumetric incidents, rather than an Issue of pen.

However the DM63 (if modeled correctly) should be effective against russian ERA if everything is modeled correctly.

You’re confusing DM63’s. The 105mm one is a co-development (or straight up license production) of Israeli M426 round, it has nothing to do with Rheinmetall’s DM63/LKE II that was tailored to be effective against ERA.

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Believe it or not both are effective against ERA. Isreal was and is still a pioneer of ERA. They have been developing and catering most APFSDS to be effective against ERA for a very long time.

I’ll wait for you to provide evidence then.

the whole thing about darts that are effective againts ERA dont really have that function in game, just look at the British L26 and L27, both were made to counter Russian ERA yet theres still times where ERA just eats the entire dart… and this happens to all darts simply because Russian ERA overperforms and a times causes BS volumetrics and eats your dart.

This is why I have stated before. I wasn’t sure if it was the darts being modeled wrong, under performing, or the known issue with russian ERA way over performing. Hell it is likely a combination of all 3.

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