Crusader Mk. II Late

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Crusader Mk. II Late


Vehicle design and service history:
After the prototype was tested in the middle of 1940, the Mark I was promptly put into production. Though none were ready for the French campaign, they were later sent to Egypt and fought the Italian invasion in the war’s opening stages. The Crusader was designed to maximise interior capacity, with the big sloping turret, with its iconic flat hatch with the telescope situated within it instead of a cupola.

The 40mm of armour was made to withstand the majority of tanks, which were equipped with 37mm guns at the time. Sand guards were fitted to early production vehicles, mainly to cover the back portion of the tank. The 6th Royal Tank Regiment of the 7th Armoured Brigade was the first regiment to engage in combat with these brand-new Crusaders Mark I’s. They used their speed as a screening technique while fighting alongside Matilda infantry tanks.

With the introduction of the 50mm armed Panzer III’s additional armour was needed. This lead to the Crusader Mk. II, and then eventually later improvements in production that added further protection.

Role in-game:
The main difference between this Crusader and the Mk. II already implemented in-game is simple. This Crusader sacrifices the 5th crewmember and additional MG turret, for extra armour. These extra armour pieces 14mm thick were welded to the nose, front glacis, and front plate.

Vehicle specification:

Additional historical pictures:



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+1. I already like the Crusader Mk. II, and this would be even better

14mm applique plates on the front isn’t going to help it. The hull turret eats a lot more shots than it will.
The turret was removed because it was miserable and a bad idea, not because they need to save weight for armor.
The Crusader II at 2.7 and the Crusader III is at 3.0. Putting it in the subfolder adds a vehicle to grind thru to get at the much better Crud III. Maybe find a historically significant example and add it as premium with a special skin, errr… already one… How about. and EVENT VEHICLE! !! Since those are so popular right now.
So I need a “maybe” option.

While I’m a sucker for mini sub-turrets on tanks, this would, admittedly, improve the tank’s survivability. +1

The hull turret eats autocannons, HEAT, and low calibre AP but struggles against anything else. Just having thicker plates would be more reliable, the actual hull armour of the Crusaders is also underperforming currently and should be thicker.

I wouldn’t mind seeing this as an event or BP vehicle. There’s already a Crusader Mk II in the tech tree, as well as a premium version.