Cruiser Tank Mk. I CS

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Cruiser Tank Mk. I CS


Hello everyone :), what I would like to introduce today is Cruiser Tank Mk. I CS.


In 1934, the Vickers-Armstrong Company in Britain was asked to design a low-cost light tank to replace the outdated medium tank in use at the time. Soon, the A9 tank was designed. In 1936, this tank was designed and manufactured with a 14mm thick armor plate and a rotating machine gun turret, capable of reaching a top speed of 40km/h. At this point, it was equipped with a QF 2-pound gun and replaced the old QF 3-pound gun. The QF 2-pound gun could penetrate almost any tank encountered at that time.

The Cruiser Tank Mk. I CS is a modified howitzer designed for close range support of infantry, equipped with a 94mm howitzer that can fire high explosive or smoke bombs. But the gun has a short range and is not equipped with armor piercing shells, making it unable to deal with enemy tanks alone. Its machine gun turret is also very vulnerable to enemy attacks.

This modification involved approximately 40 vehicles, which were deployed on the French battlefield to engage in combat with German forces. Due to their violent shaking during movement, it is impossible to fire while moving, and the tracks are also prone to falling off during long-distance driving. The vast majority were destroyed by Germany’s anti tank weapons.


The remaining A9 tanks were deployed to the North African battlefield. Due to the harsh desert environment and insufficient engine cooling, many of them experienced mechanical failures and were eventually scrapped for various reasons. Some tanks survived and are now preserved at the Bovington
Tank Museum

In game

The A9 tank, equipped with a 94mm howitzer, is an interesting tank. Its appearance is similar to the T-28 and it has three turrets. The machine gun turret can shoot unprotected targets, and its howitzer is powerful, with a long range and sufficient mobility. Suggest adding it to the technology tree as 1.7.


  • Crew:6
  • Main weapon:3.7 inch (94 mm) /L15 breech-loaded howitzer(40 rounds)
  • Ammo:HE、Smoke bomb
  • Secondary weapon:.303 machine gun × 3(3000 rounds)
  • Armor:14mm steel
  • Engine:AEC 179(150hp)
  • Max speed:40km/h
  • Weight:12.7 tons
  • Maximum mileage: 240km


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Unless it’d get the heat rounds available for the gun that the tank never used it’s a no from me


Not sure that is a large enough HE round to reliably overpressure, but maybe with HEAT. I give it a ~1

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Sure why not, it would be a neat tank to have as a lower BR thing. Might even be a worthy candidate for a funny little event premium. Take my +1

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The 3.7 Inch Howitzer isn’t going to be effective enough. There’s no anti-tank ammunition only HE and smoke. The HE is not reliable, or powerful, enough to make up for it either.

I definitely want to see a Cruiser Tank Mk. I but the CS version doesn’t fit the game.