Crossout weapons as decorations

Would you like to see this in-game?

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  • No
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For what kind of vehicle?

  • Ground Vehicle
  • Costal Boats
  • Bluewater Ships
  • No to first question
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Crossout is another game by Gaijin in which you assemble your own vehicle to fight with other players.


It is not as polular as War Thunder.But a lot of weapon designs are really cool.

Why not just use their 3D models as decorations on tanks? There is no need to remake 3D models again.

The big ones like cannons can even be used on naval vessels.


They are better looking than the historical weapons, but not as obtrusive as teddy bears, elephant and christmas socks.

I personally perfer putting them on my tank over other weird stuff…

Besides weapons, a lot of parts from Crossout can be used in War Thunder as decorations.


In Crossout, you can paint different colors or different patterns on those parts. If they they are added into War Thunder, we can allow them to use the same camo as tank.


Cool, but no. As far as i know these are not in real life.

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There’s enough potential to add real life stuff to WT without having to use material from a fully fictional franchise.

= /


I do think it’s still pretty cool if we got some WT-specific fictional stuff as little decorations. Rather than it solely being a real-life focus. However then i remembered this game already does this.

More realistic than dragons, christmast cakes, guitars, bicycles, teddy bears…

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Haha, I don’t like those either - all the more I’m against adding even more of the same… ;-)

Like what…? soccer balls, golden gloves, cuckoo watch, sparkler, goat skulls, magician’s hat…? or Christmas deer, Snowman, Christmas Sleidge, Horseman Statue, Jet Ski, Ratrack, Elephant, Christmas Tree…?
Because that’s what we are getting right now! I would much perfer getting those fictional weapons than current wierd stuff…


honestly i changed my mind. We do need these

Honestly would be neat and better than the “random bullshit go!” that we’ve currently got.

Decorations have never really been about realism in any way so who cares if they’re fictional items. They look cool.

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