Cromwell V – British Tank in North Korean Hands

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Cromwell V


On the 25th June 1950, the Korean People’s Army crossed the 38th parallel into South Korea. This marked the beginning of a de facto brutal 3 year war, but that de jure continues to this day. It followed from years of sabre-rattling, border clashes, and occupations by the Soviets and Americans in the North and South respectively. North Korean forces, consisting of Soviet T-34s and SU-76s, advanced rapidly in the first few weeks, taking Seoul in only 3 days. North Korean forces continued moving South, until they had pushed US forces to a sliver of land around the port city of Pusan. Combined UN and US forces launched an invasion at Incheon, near Seoul, and reclaimed massive amounts of territory in a strategic reversal, and in 3 months pushed the North Korean forces back all the way to the Chinese border.

It was at this point that Chinese forces entered the war. On the 13th October 1950, 200,000 People’s Volunteer Army troops crossed into North Korea. Chinese and North Korean forces began to push UN and US forces back. By late December, they had been pushed back to the 38th Parallel. On the 1st January 1951 Chinese forces crossed over the border and decimated South Korean forces. British forces (namely the 29th Infantry Brigade) entered the fighting near Goyang, 12 miles from Seoul. They were equipped with 14 Cromwells (belonging to the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars). On the 3rd of January, Chinese forces charged the British line, and they were massacred. 147 British forces died, and many more were injured. All 14 tanks were either destroyed or abandoned.

It was these abandoned tanks that North Korean forces would end up obtaining. At least one of these tanks was later recaptured by South Korean forces, fixed by American marines, and then re-entering service with British forces. Another was, ironically, the first confirmed kill of the British Centurion Mk. III, and the only tank kill of the Centurion throughout the entire war. No Cromwell’s seem to have survived in KPA service after the war.

The North Korean Cromwell V is exactly the same as the Cromwell V currently in the British tree. It has an OQF 75mm cannon firing AP and APCBC rounds. It has great gun depression of -12º. The vehicle has solid mobility, reaching 52km/h maximum, while weighing 28t and with a 600hp engine, although it only has 3km/h reverse speed.

The tank has decent armour, with a maximum of 63mm at the hull front, 76mm at the turret front, 25mm along the hull sides, and 63mm along the turret sides.

A captured Cromwell would be a fun and historically-interesting addition into a North Korean sub-tree . Ideally it would be added as a premium, at the same BR as the Cromwell V in-game of 3.3.


  • 75mm OQF Mk. V
    • M72 Shot (AP)
      • 91mm at 10m at 0º, 619m/s
    • M61 Shot (APCBC)
      • 103mm at 10m at 0º, 618m/s
    • M48 Shell (HE)
      • 10mm at 10m at 0º, 463m/s
  • 5s reload, 64 rounds


  • Hull
    • Front
      • 63.5mm
    • Sides
      • 25.4mm
    • Rear
      • 32mm
  • Turret
    • Front
      • 76.2mm
    • Sides
      • 63.5mm
    • Rear
      • 57.1mm


  • Speed
    • 52km/h
  • Weight
    • 28.0t
  • Engine power
    • 600hp




  • I believe the only image of the Cromwell actually in use by North Korean troops


  • Cromwell after re-capture by South Koreans being inspected by US troops


  • Abandoned Cromwell (probably used by North Korea) being inspected by British troops




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Actually, I think this is a bit redundant because it’s another copy and paste. China should launch more self-made products, such as M113 armored vehicles with M24 turrets installed. And the vehicles that North Korea should join are the Chonma-ho , which is equipped with anti-aircraft missiles and anti tank missiles

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Well aware it’s copy paste, which is why I think if added, it should be premium :) Especially for a United Korea tree, where it becomes important.

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I’d support it, but exclusively for a United Korean tree as a tank to start them off so they wouldn’t start where Israel has. No business being part of a Chinese tree whether captured as part of North Korea or not.

Conditional +1 from me.

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I forgot about the choice of North Korea and South Korea’s United Tree, but in that case, they should start from level 6 like Israel did, because they have very few types of World War II vehicles and almost no variants