Cromwell (all varients) tank card armor value misinformation

I wasn’t particularly sure where to put this into.

But I recently had started playing low br ground battles once more with a friend of mine and they had brought this to my attention while they were trying to figure out how they could penetrate it.

So when I had a closer look at the cromwell to try to help them I had found out the fact that it technically has more armor than it has said.

After looking up about it. I couldn’t particularly find anything but a post from 2019 complaining about the cromwells tank card being false that it doesn’t have 76mm of armor on it despite it actually does, from then it practically has been sitting as 64 on the card.

So technically the tank card is completely false
It should be 76/63/56

Because of this it came to my attention that the front plate armor value might be false as well but I haven’t found a angle yet to see if there’s more armor behind it too as it feels like there is.
So it would be nice if that was investigated as well.

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The issue with most British WW2 tanks is that they were built with layers. A frame which the armour was then rivet or bolted on. Another issue is that their mantlets are way thicker than the front armour plate (which I’ve been actively bug reporting). For example:

  • Crusader Mk. III has a 3.5 Inch (88.9mm) mantlet but the maximum thickness of the combined frontal turret armour plates is 51mm.
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The bolted or riveted thing is kinda what i had pointed out in the post. the only reason of it being changed it to the current card is because of post like this one