Crew voice lines

Hello everyone.
For months upon months I have been searching the internet trying to find if anyone else has this problem; alas, it seems to be only a problem I’ve encountered.
Many updates ago when the crew voice lines were added. I’ve noticed that the crew lines for me are widely different from what I’ve seen. For an example, range finding. On videos I’ve seen when the range finding button is pressed the crew will name the tank, direction and the range of the target. However, the crew lines that are for goes, “tank, 1 o’clock, range.” I’ve had this voice line since they was added to the game and was wondering if anyone else has come across this?


Does this happen with all vehicles? Can you try modern tanks?

Unfortunately I only have access to 8.3 BR tanks for the UK. The voice line you hear is the same across all tech trees.

What about a test drive?

It’s possible DW9 didn’t change the voice line setting.

Another question would be if they ran any sound mods or anything like that.

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I just test drove the challenger 2 ds and the t-80. The voice lines are the same as the video above.

I haven’t downloaded or put in any sound mods. a few months ago war thunder and steam was a fresh download due to having a new pc.

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happens sometimes if the tank ur pointing to is too far away and commander just stays silent, increase the crew skill to get rangefinding up to 1200 meters

These are the crew skills for the gunner for the tank used in the video.

yeah well hover the cursor over keen vision and keep in mind you need it for commander too

ohhhh it’s keen vison? so if I upgrade that one for the gunner and commander the voice lines will be different?

voices of enemy tanks identifications will be the same only thing that changes is the amount of range the commander can identify an enemy vehicle, so hover on the keen vision for gunner and commander and it will tell you the distance at which crew can give call outs

I got ya. I will grind on the keen vision and get back to you. thank you.