Crew member should have to expose themself in order to use the mounted machine gun on the tank

Basically I’m tired of using light and open top vehicles like the C13, FIATs, Type 87RCV and Type 93 to name a few and getting obliterated by 50.Cals being controlled by ghosts.

Right now the only mounted gun not controlled by a ghost that I can think of is the M18 and I think needing the exposed crew is balanced, obviously there should be an option to enable/disable the 50.Cal whether in a match with a key-bind or a modification in the hangar.

this would also have the benefit of making remote controlled guns on more modern vehicles actually useful too like on the British CR2 TES, the French VBCI-2 and the German Leo2 PSO to name a few


It would require an epic amount of rework to the existing modelling and code because you’d have to add animations of not only the TC/gunner on the gun, but of them opening and closing the hatches, moving hitboxes around, etc. etc. etc.
I doubt it would be practical or a priority for Gaijin.
Probably means it will be in the next update. lol.

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What’s next? A folding and unfolding animation for the VFW or Breda 501? xD

But yeah having the commander in the M18 not on the .50cal all the time would be a nice feature.

For the other vehicle it’s debatable. Makes sense for SIM but in RB and AB planes fly around in third person and have mouse aim. So why should MGs be manned?
In a lot of cases these are AA MGs and the guy would instantly get killed by planes that can snipe the from 1km away with guns.

A solution would be to have them aimed upwards so they can’t be used at ground targets. Unless the vehicle has some coaxial .50cal, it’s not going to shoot light vehicles with an external mounted MG.

I’m already kinda upset how they implemented these AA MG 34s for German tanks but then put them at an angle that makes them most suitable for shooting at ground targets instead of planes, because you can’t elevate them enough.

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Can anyone do a bug report on that?:


Don’t think it’s something to bug report. It would be more a suggestion.
Since depending how the clamp is set-up the gun can be used for ground or air defense.

Currently it allows you to aim at ground targets but only planes coming in from a low angle of attack.

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But it is called a Fliegerbeschussgerät. If it can’t engage Flieger because of its incorrect elevation, then it is bugged & broken

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