Crew Lock when shot down by AI AAA

The issue is simple;

A player should not get crew locked when he gets shot down passivly by AI AAA, what i mean is that on some maps the AI AAA damages your aicraft with a proxy round wich leads to damaged OIL and water Coolers, wich lead when not returned emediatly in losing the aircraft, up to that point there isnt a issue with that, its gameplay and ground targets should not be farmed freely thats good, getting crew lock by said loss of aicraft is bad gameplay experience, a player shouldnt get punished for such an mistake.

For a lot of players it is already frustating to have your run stopped emediatly before you even can fire back or get to your target even more so when no matter what you do your engines cease up in less then two minutes wich is not enough time to get even some aicraft up to a position to glide back so to get crew locked for multiple minutes is just the icing on the proverbial cake of frustation.

That said there is no issue in my book and for a lot more people if your aicraft gets damaged criticaly emediatly on contact with AI units, like i said free units are bad game design aswell so let them shoot back but the following crew lock on misjudgement is unnecessary, the player should not get punished like that for playing the game.