Crashing after de-tabbing

As of recent, my game keeps freezing after de-tabbing (alt tab, or just clicking the windows key) a few times, there appears to be no set amount of times I can de-tab before it crashes it can be twice after crashing the first time, or 10, no idea what would be causing it as it’s never done this before, and yes v-sync is off.

now it’s started just crash normally


Same here. Thought it was just me alt tabbing after death. Updated video drivers and also checked game files. Crashing after each game now with a black screen

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Having the same problem. The game freezes on the black screen when a match ends. I’ve tried rebooting, updating video drivers, clearing cache folder, verifying game files, uninstall and reinstall. No luck. I can leave before a match ends fine.

verifying integrity files solved the de-tabbing crashing for me, but now it just decides to crash at the start of games, and randomly after takeoff