Crashes due to running out of memory on EndeavourOS, was fine on Manjaro

Hello all, yesterday I made the switch to EndeavourOS from Manjaro.

When playing on Manjaro, on low graphics I could manage around 60 fps, depending on what’s on the screen ofc.
On EndeavourOS I installed the game through Steam (same as before), but when I start it up i get a fatal error “vulkan: Out of memory. Try lowering graphics settings and/or closing other memory consuming applications”.
I tried lowering to minimal graphics but encounter the same issue. My other games I play (Don’t Starve and DST) are less taxing in the graphics department and run fine.

I didn’t change the hardware, only the OS. Does anyone know what could be the cause?


Solution was to increase the RAM the iGPU gets from auto to 2G in the BIOS settings.

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From the edit, the issue is fixed?

Hi; yes, it’s fixed.

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Great, thanks for sharing your solution too!