Crash immidiatly after joining a game

Hey guys
so my game crashes every time i try to go into a match or a testdrive. I get the loading screen and suddenly after when trying to load the game it just crashes and says fatal error. I have noticed that war thunder just in the hangar eats like 99-100 percent of my gpu power which is not normal as it the gpu usually isnt stressed when i play war thunder ( i have tried to fiddle around with my graphics settings to no change at all) all my other games run like usual its only war thunder that has this issue. do you guys have any tips to solve this?

The error could say something… What was it?

It is normal for WT to take GPU usage to the extreme.

it just says “exception”

It should have a number after it, or a reference to a file or something else other than exception.

If you can a screenshot would be good.

Also if you haven’t already, verify files in the launcher and clear out the cache folder in the game folder.

Have you had it running on that machine before? Have you updated any driveers or anything prior to this starting to happen?

war thunder struggles 3
war thunder struggles 2

here are some pics
i have reinstalled the game (still doesnt work) but should i still delete all of the cache folder?
And yes i have played around 2k hours on this comphuter without issues and updated the drivers after it stopped working and it still doesnt work

Yea the cache folder in the game folder can just be cleared out entirely.

Googling that SIGABRT, brought up a EAC based issue.

Could be something to check your antivirus, and exempt the game folder from it. From there check that EAC is good by running the setup in the EAC folder in the game folder as administrator, and repairing the service.

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ok i will try it out thx so much

Ok so i did what u asked me to do and it kinda worked as i can actually get into games now and play for a minute or 2 but it keeps crashing but now i get a different error code
war thunder struggles 4