Crash by "Fatal Error Exception" when entering battle or test drive

Just like the title says, my game crashes when I enter test drive or battle. The error is “Fatal Error Exception” and nothing stops on the game, I can move my tank and hear everything perfectly when I exit out of the crash notification box for the split second before it goes away. (The crash window prevents me from interacting with the game window until I exit it). Honestly I could play the game if I could just minimize the crash window. I tried air arcade test drive and I was able to throttle up and fire my guns once before it crashed. Again, the crash window was the only thing stopping me from playing the game, I had no issues with controlling the aircraft, sound etc for the split second I exited the crash report before the game closed.

Failed Solutions:
I think the crash system is detecting one when there is not an actual crash. I just updated my game to the new update, and my drivers are up to date. Running as an administrator did not solve the issue, neither did restarting the game, my computer, and verifying local files on steam. My rig is a RTX 2060 super with i7-9700k and 32GB RAM, so It’s not a lack of system power.

I have sent a few crash reports with the checkmark to be contacted by email if a solution is found by tech support.

I hope this is enough information to guide me to the way to fix this, I am more than happy to just keep testing suggestions.

I have this happening too. I recently uploaded my logs to Enlisted crashes immediately once map is loaded // // Issues

Happens with only Gaijin games…

Updated my drivers and everything but they wont let me reopen the case

RESOLVED: It was the fact that I had sound mods. I believe this new update with its new crew voice lines causes crashes if the game cant find them in the files.