CPU overheating

my CPU overheats when playing war thunder, i do not understand most of the graphical settings and i’m wondering if anybody who knows a bit more then i do can guide me on which settings to lower / turn off for a less CPU intensive experience.
here are my current settings:


thank you in advance :D

What is your CPU? These settings are quite moderate already.

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Intel i5-9600

Limit your max FPS, clean the cooler or/and replace the thermal paste. If you are on a desktop or mobile device you can limit the max current that can go to your CPU. That loweres it’s performance, but also saves your silicon. If you still are on a mobile device and the GPU and CPU share heat pipes… ah well… limit current and FPS

Can we get what cpu cooler ur using and does it also happens when you doing something cpu intensive?
Also do you know how high the cpu temp reach in game?

not sure what cooler it is exactly, all i can see is it says “antec” on the side. while playing cpu temp stays at 54 consistently.

Is that celsius?

That’s not that hot.

well, i’ve changed some settings in the fan speeds right now, seems to have been fixed. thank you :D

i wish mine was that low


mine would start burning all the dust off at that temp lmao

I ended up visiting my bios a few months back, and found some of my fans weren’t even set-up at all, and were just doing 750RPM or something all the time.

Ended up making a nice curve based on the main chips in the end.