Couple of issues since at least

So, ever since at least update a couple days ago, if not one before it - there has been a ton of weird things going on in the game and hopefully this is the right place for it.

The big one is all of a sudden - I’m getting these random stutters that 95% of the time have no frame rate drops with them. And I’ve made sure all my drivers are up to date, and while I may not have the shiniest or newest RTX - it still gets anywhere from 160-220 FPS on movie settings in windowed mode same as before these patches. Moving it to what is considered ‘optimized’ and full screen helped slightly, but not enough to warrant the change. There is also no packet loss, and the ping stays down around 30, maybe bumps to 40 but all in all all that, and even the occasional minor packet loss, never results in some of what I’m seeing. Also so far this is all in Air Arcade battles so not sure if that somehow has something to do with it.

Zombie planes - So, I’m all for those last few seconds with the timer if you still have enough control of your plane to try and shoot someone down or even ram them. But for some reason the timer no longer kicks you out of the plane and if you have control, can still fly it almost as if nothing has happened, you just have a darkened name. And I’m talking I let it run out when a players bomber’s AI gunner got a fluke hit that torched my plane and gave it a kill, but the fire went out, I still had enough control and engine power I then spent like the next minute because my guns were jammed (and wouldn’t unjam cause shot down) chasing him down and ramming my plane in to him to do a little more damage before with no working prop now I crashed my plane.

Stealth Planes - I get once in a while over relying on the in game radar is dumb, and that some of my crews aren’t as well trained so not as effective at spotting planes. That said, even looking around to make sure I’m clear, with a crew only missing the ace qualification and is otherwise maxed out in everything and has the SL qualification - there not on radar, and I still physically can’t spot them despite no sun, clouds, anything that should obstruct a view to them that when I then look back to the guy I’m looking to shoot down I get hit by a hail of bullets from where I was just looking and shot down like they stole the cloaking device off a Klingon Bird of Prey.

Not sure what weird things have happened in the recent changes - but this all started around that update or the one before it.


Same issue last couple of months, when is this going to be fixed?

Bumping old posts like this, isn’t the way forward…

Especially this thread being OLD AS, and barely even engaging in terms of saying anything other than ‘shit’s broke yo’ with no real detail.