Countering stingers

Anybody know how to counter stingers? This is becoming quite annoying for me
because im trying to play with the su-25 in ground realistic but everytime the anti-air
i mostly encounter is either the ozelot or the gepard 1a2. It doesent matter how many flares i launch and how much i try to dodge it, it always hits and then kills me.
So please whoever knows how to counter stingers please give me some tips.

Go to Air RB, there are no stinger’s :)


don’t get close, put something in between the missile and you (like a hilltop), or beat the missile kinematically

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Once a Stinger is launched on you, there’s pretty much nothing you can do. If you have enough energy and are in a maneuverable fighter, you may be able to dodge it. But for the most part, you just gotta avoid letting them shoot you. Stay low to hide below the horizon, or fly extremely high (7km+) to stay out of range.

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turn+roll. its not a strela or type81 so you can outmanuver it relatively easily unless you are very low on energy


Problem with the frogfoot ist it’s just too slow to really dodge IR missiles because the flares alone don’t do much.
I had an imp.Chap. kill me through my 1s periodic flare.

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your only chance is running away from its seeker while popping flares and trying to kinetically dodge it preferably with sun in the view too but unlikely, you will 99% of the time get hit in su25

I have this bug where whenever my stinger hits an Su-25 nothing happens to it


Most of the time when you get hit some controls stop to work and you will crash.
You may continue flying for a while but sooner or later it will happen.

  • If you are already heading to the stingers, you can maneuver hard on the last second and pop the flares at the same time, this will work 90% of the time.
  • if you are getting away from the stingers, and if you have enough energy, just fly straight away from it as much as you can, or you can simply move your plane in opposite directions if you have time, this will absorb most of the energy on the stingers, then if you hear or see the missile near you, then again, pull hard and pop couple of flares (do not spam flares, it will cause the missile to follow new flares and seeker will find your plane again).
  • And a quick reminder, I basically turn my engine off for a moment before flaring, it helps reduce the heat signature of the plane and confuse the IRCCM on the stingers for a moment.
  • launching a couple of rockets also helps them to lose lock on you, forcing stingers to lock rockets’ propellant.
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Pre-flare before the stinger ever launches. Turn on periodic flares with a rapid launch period. The IRCCM only kicks in after they launch. By flaring in advance you can frustrate the SPAAG by making it harder from to lock you instead of the flares in the first place. It’s not a true counter but it will frustrate their attempts to get a launch on you and might make them miss their launch window.


Learn how to dodge missiles with IRCCM.

Relevant guide:


It only has 13g of pull. Su25 can dodge it assuming you are not low energy, which you shouldnt be.

Make all of your turns at very low alt or at least 5km away and you will be fine.