Could we please revert the latest hit detection nerf put on AB Air?

They did this about 2 - 3 months ago, hit simply just not registering. Taking 3 - 4 times longer to get kills, which in turn left you hanging and got you killed even more often. Kill count dropped dramatically and assists soared. But it just as suddenly vanished, with no mention, just like no mention when it was put in. And here about a week ago, it’s back . . . can’t kill anything most of the time, planes barely take a hit when they used to esplode. Ground targets also 3x - 4x harder to kill . . . making 3 passes on a Patrol Boat with an ITP, 20’s and a 37mm . . . and it just keeps on going. Might be hard for some to notice, because you still get kills, but you shoot a guy well more than enough to kill them and nothing . … then suddenly, out of nowhere you get some kinda weird RNG kill and they just go KaBlooie. The old way may have been too easy to get kills, but this is ridiculously different and it totally skews doing tasks and the like. I used to have to work for assists, now . . . ez pz. Kills . . . not so much. Here’s my last game where it is blatantly obvious of the change.

This is just the top few players. For totals my team had 69 Assists, the other team had 48 for a total of 117 assists for ONE game . . . that is crazy off for normal game play. We registered 78 kills, the other guys got 53. Normal game play has 6 - 8 kills per assist I would say . . I generally do about 10 - 1, more or less. So something is terribly off and I for one, would like to see this “nerf” or whatever it is reverted so we can play again.
Thanks in Advance.
anyone else with similar experiences, please share