Could we get the APDS-FS belt for the BMD-4

If we could get the APFSDS rounds for the bmd-4, it would be awesome, I don’t think enough people have it for it to be a problem, nor do i think it would be a problem regardless. Especially if it is moved to 9.3 because of it. It would just give it a slight edge over other vehicle being a rare event vehicle, and i have a lot of fun with it.


Only if the missile reload gets fixed from 4 sec to something realistic.


Why would they change the reload of the missile when that would mean they are actually breaking the thing? The autoloader of the BMD-4 was designed to incorporate the missiles rather than do it the way the BMP-3 does it manually loaded (correction: it does use the autoloader but it isn’t as fast as the BMD-4 still). And if you are trying to argue for the sake of “balancing” it already comes at the cost of half the atgm capacity.


Why do you want it to be 10.0? You have BMP-2M…

It’s cooler


Better to just wait for the BMD-4M, give that APFSDS instead.


Because ZBD-04A uses the weapon system of BMD4

that would mean upping its BR, so leaving “gaps” in lineups, which Gaijin goes great lenghts to avoid this (like adding the F 16 AJ, and not removing it, when we got the actually accepted F15 J

the reload rate seem to be certainly wrong, that being said almost all ifv has a completely unrealistic reload rate for the missiles, so some reason the only tank actually that gets a “realistic” treatment is the bmp3

Well from the way the ZBD-04 is modeled in the game dev server the atgm rack is modeled like the one in the BMP-3 which has a longer reload (also I edited the previous comment correcting the whole thing about the autoloader and atgm, so either way they both use an autoloader for the atgm, but they might be different). So either gaijin has gotten the reload speed wrong or the ZBD-04 uses its own autoloader that uses the atgm autoloader of the BMP-3 to reload the atgm. You can’t really argue to nerf the BMD-4 in its current state as the BMD-4 still has its ATGM’s in a different position than the BMP-3 because it’s autoloader allows it to reload faster, so the best way to change anything is to actually provide evidence to prove gaijin wrong which means either means submitting stuff on the BMD-4 saying it’s wrong or on the ZBD-04 otherwise at the moment the only reason currently to nerf it is trust me bro. The only other thing is that it is still the dev server so it could change, however the best thing to do is just make a historical report saying that one of them is wrong with actual evidence to prove so rather than just claim it.

The ATGM loading issue for ZBD-04A has become fixed

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There is absolutely no functional difference between the BMD-4 and BMD-4M

Improved chassis, 500HP engine instead of 450HP, less reverse speed because of the transmission from the BMP-3, optional applique hull armour, 30mm APFSDS.

And, the most important part… in the tech tree so people get to play it without paying $115 USD.

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Yup, my fault. I was looking at another BMD vehicle that wasn’t the 4.

I’m gonna sleep…

I think the BMD-4 should keep what it has. However, the BMP-3 is a mainstay of the Russian Army and we’ve already got a more modern version of it in-game with its Sodema sight modification, that along with any future BMD-4M should receive the round.
To summarize, I think it makes more sense that the BMP-3 in-game gets the modification than any future BMP-3M or the in-game BMD-4. The BMP-3M wasn’t accepted into service, and the current BMD-4 is pretty much phased out while the later version of the BMP-3 we have as well as the BMD-4M is in service. When paired with the fact that the 30mm 3UBR11 APFSDS-T is a very new and recent round, it only makes more sense for the BMP-3 to receive it, along with any future BMD-4M and the in-game BMP-2M. The BMP-3 could be placed alongside the ZBD04A at 9.3-9.7 while the BMD-4M can be placed at ~10.3 with the 3UBR11.

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No reason to change the current BMP-3, there are other modern BMP-3’s that could be added with APFSDS.

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While there are other BMP-3’s, I still standby my statement. Besides, not all BMP-3’s may be implemented. The one we have is what, the 2014 model? A bit newer. Pretty much matches the BMP-3 to the incoming ZBD04A which are pretty similar in gameplay with a few trade-offs between the two.

Except the ZBD04A has the 5 second ATGM autoloader from the BMD-4’s, significant edge over the BMP-3.

Anyway, they can leave the APFSDS for something like the BMP-3M Dragun.

To is your own 🤷‍♂️

The BMP-3’s APFSDS-T rounds are in the game files, just hasn’t made it over yet if at all.

they are on the bmp2 already