Could we expect a native wayland app for the linux version?

X11 is slowly being phased out across all of linux, and in a few years most major distros plan to completely drop it. Wine is also expected to switch from xorg to wayland.
Currently, war thunder runs under Xwayland, which while works, is at best an interim solution that is also bad for performance.
I do not expect this change to happen any time soon but it would be at least good to know if there is a native wayland version of the game in the works.


No clue why I cannot sign in from my main @Doomsdayrs but here to give a few links.

They said that they accepted the suggestion here: Community Bug Reporting System

There is an issue on their dagor engine repository: [Feature Request] Wayland Support · Issue #19 · GaijinEntertainment/DagorEngine · GitHub

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Need for Gamescope on wayland: WT Refuses to launch without gamescope · Issue #96 · flathub/net.gaijin.WarThunder · GitHub

Yes wayland support would be nice, I just tested it with plasma 6 on wayland and while the game works it doesn’t lock the mouse cursor to the monitor as it does with X11 and you can move the cursor to the other screen and when you click it minimizes the game.