Could i transfer my xbox account to a pc one in stead

I heard that you could transfer your xbox account to an pc account

They only do it every so often. The last time they did it was December 2022. They dont give any updated on if or when they will open it up to do it again. If you do transfer you loose any pack vehicles you purchased and any and all Gold lions your account still has on it.


Wow you lose the premium
thats pretty salty

Its probably due more toward technical issues with the cross platform, or licensing with Microsoft and Sony that causes that issue.

not true , you have to open an support request than they send you a list of things u need to do (leaving clan…) and dann they copy the account to pc only any prograss is only stored in the new pc account . thats it

Last info i read was that we loose our pack vehicles on transfer. Its been a while since i looked last as im waiting for them to open it up so i can put in my request to transfer. I hope they do it soon as i never play on my xbox anymore.

It is true

my undestanding is that they dont transfer GE and premium days. ther is no word about vehicle not transferd

i may have misunderstood when they said xbox packs, they may be referring to just the GE and prem time. if i can kep my pack vehicles that is awesome