Corrubia Class, Gunboat Corrubia G90

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The Guardia di Finanza is an Italian military body that was established in 1861, its main task was to guard customs and contrast smuggling, in case of war it had to defend the national borders, as happened in the two world wars. Currently, the Guardia di Finanza is a highly specialized body for the fight against crime and terrorism, its air vehicles and naval are at the forefront. The naval sector of the Guardia di Finanza is made up of patrol vessels and coastguards such as the Corrubia Class, the 12 units of this class set up in early 90s and entered into service between 1995/1997, they are built in composite material, they are the result of a very advanced project that lasted years and also developed through mathematical models and hydrodynamic studies in the naval tank. The units have been made of composite materials and thanks to the extraordinary marine qualities of the hull, they reach a continuous maximum speed of 43 knots and constitute a modern and versatile multi-role tactical platform. The units are equipped with sophisticated electronic equipment such as dual radar systems and telecommunication systems and have a modern command and control system with data-link transmission of operational information. The engine system consists of 2 powerful 3482 HP MTU type 16V396TB94 engines. The main armament consists of 1 single-barreled 30 / 82mm Breda cannon enslaved by an automatic Medusa Elsag aiming system, the secondary armament consists of 2 MG 42 caliber 7.62. The gunboat Corrubia should be added to the Coastal Fleet Italy because although she is a modern boat her armament is not superior to other similar ships already present in War Thunder.


Crew: Officers, Second Chiefs, Sergeants and Seamen: 14

Full load: 92,12 tons

Hull material:
Polyester resin with dimensioned and stratified fiberglass reinforcements.

Length: 26,79 m
Width: 7,58 m
Full Load Draft: 1,20 m

Engine System:
2 MTU engines 16V 396TB84
2 variable pitch propellers
Power: 3482 HP (each engine)
Speed: 43 knots (79,636 km/h)

753 miles at 30 knots

1 OTO Melara cannon 30/82mm Compact (160 ready rounds) - elevation: -15° / +75°
2 MG 42/59 machine guns 7.62mm

Electronic equipments:
1 radar type Gemant 2 (v)
1 radar type DSC SC 1210
1 Medusa Elsag automatic aiming system

7) Classe Corrubia 2° Serie



A great coastal gunboat. +1

+1 YES not only this vessel of the guardia di finanza must be added, there are many more, this is a great start

la guardia di finanza con un 30 millimetri sulla barca mi fa sempre tagliare dal ridere hahahha

This would be an excellent premium vehicle for Italy