Convergence question

Hey, I get how convergence works. Enough that I want to fine-tune, and want my ground pounders to have a different convergence from my turn fighters.

My biplane turn fighters should be at 300-400, a fast ground pounder might need 800…

For me, now, I set it to a value for one plane, and that value seems to be global, so it is the same when I change planes.

Now, is there any way I can set a convergence, that stays with the plane? Like belts and loadouts are stored with the plane?


Okay, that was short and to the point.
Would that not be something that might be of interest?

Sure - make a suggestion

That suggestion about convergence has been made a few times over the years (there’s nothing new under the sun), but … nothing has ever come of it. Perhaps, if you make that suggestion to the developers, but don’t hold your breath.