Controls on PS5, Rudders and Bonus question

I have installed War Thunder on PS5. I was a little cofused that the Game would not have Presets for Pitch, as it is an essential element of the Controls. In an attempt to come as close as possible to a realistic flight control, i assigned the left stick to Thrust, and the right Stick to Pitch and Roll.
I assigned the Rudders to L2 and R2 as they are analogue and i thought that it comes close to using Foot Pedals for Rudder Control. My aim is to play WT as a Simulator, which is why i do not want to play with mouse (as that does not really fly the plane).

I now have several questions:

  • when flying in hardest possible mode, why can i not trim the plane during battle? I can only trim pitch. All other trims are unavailable. Is this a mistake?
  • when i use Rudder for Yaw, the plane also rolls a lot. I read somewhere that this is normal but i don´t understand how it can be so different from using Yaw in easy mode. In ease mode the plane really just turns on the Yaw axis. Any advice here on how i can deal with this? It seems impossible to Hammerhead e.g. with advanced controls.
  • does the game suppport PSVR?

Thank yo u in advance for any help

If you go into settings and use the control wizard for “Simulator” mode it’ll give you the default control setup for full controls. However, I play on PS5 primarily air simulator battles and really don’t care for the default.

I personally have roll and pitch on the left stick. Yaw on L2/R2 and throttle also on L2/R2 with L1 as the enable for throttle. Hold throttle for WEP off. My right stick is free look. I also recommend binding left brake to L2 and right brake to R2 for easier control on the ground. Hold both and briefly release one to adjust during landing. Briefly tap to engage to manage during takeoff.

Trim is available on aircraft that support it. Not all aircraft support all types of trim, especially earlier prop aircraft. Though even some modern jets lack all types of trim. A few prop aircraft also can only be trimmed in test flights. The trim fixation binding then saves that specific trim setting for games, with test flights required to change it.

It is fairly common for the rudder to cause some roll. Getting the plane in good trim often helps, but some aircraft are just nearly impossible to trim. Also note that throttle changes likely will cause roll too. I usually adjust throttle, trim pitch, then yaw, and finally roll.

My understanding is that PSVR just lets you use it as your TV screen, without any VR functionality. I don’t know whether you can bind to the head movements, which could be useful.

EDIT: Updated L/R brake advice to clarify.