Controls messed up after update

Controls are messed up with this new update for air.
Before update I could hold wep and free-look at the same time and now after the update just cant, It will stop me from pulling or moving with WASD while holding shift to wep and most time just crash when bombing.

Before updates I didnt had any backup.
Anyone know how to fix it ?

Same for me… Noticed I can’t control while manouvering Shift + S/W reverted to default and I can’t find my previous control scheme…

Gaijin, what is this bul***t?!


Gleiche Problem kann während des vorwärts / rückwärts fahrens mit dem Richtschützen nicht in den zoom solange die Taste (W) oder (S) gedrückt ist lass ich sie kurz los kann ich in den Zoom !
selbst backupdatei klappt nicht !

I just fixed it. You just gotta need change “select weapon” or “select primary weapon” in air controls in weaponry category. Then you can use wep and free look at same time.