Controler issue for xbox/ console

3 issues with camara while flying.

  1. while in free look enabled with dpad down aircrft will change angle of attack whilst climbing. This is annoying for keeping your head on a swivel whilst climbing to altitude.

  2. While in a merg and tracking (defult 1st stage left trigger), depending on the angle of view to enemy i am finding it difficult to get to grips with controling my aircraft. Sometimes my plane will dive when i am trying to simply turn ( move right stick left or right) or spiral climb my target this might be due to pointer aim not controling from the pilots seat perspectivew. I think this needs some work to fix, unless i am missing something?

  3. After destroying enemy while holding left trigger “trackin/ aiming axis” plane will automatically lock on another target, while doing ground attack wil make change in direction which can lead to a crash and crew lock. An option to turn this off would be great.

PC users are at an advantage to console as they can be in control whilst looking around in any direction, while console will find it difficult to head swivel and control the plane at the same time, also for mouse and key board pitch will always be pitch and roll will allways be roll no matter which direction they are lokking in.

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!Bump, this controler camera tracking needs fixing seriously. If i am in a dog fight doing say a horizontal turn or even a yo yo and i need to look at my enemy my plane will level out. I take notice of the white triangle which im assuming is where the pointer aim is pointing at but its so easy to lose control

Nose wobble from using controller, which you wont get with mouse.

How am i supposed to be able to fight when it cant even do a gentle turn