Control settings

Hey guys,
im so done with this control settings. I reset them the 6th time (and custom them).

Some key assignments simply do not work. for example, i accidentally switched off my radar in the jet. when i searched for the key assignment, “alt + E” was displayed. But it didn’t work, so I set it to R and nothing happened here either. my radar is still off =,(

and some other settings that i had previously optimized for myself didn’t work either (speed controll for planes).

with the time in which I adjusted everything, all control elements were moved in a strange way. suddenly i had to hold the zoom instead of it being constant. (however, I have not set these neither touched).

Is there any guide for how the settings work? is my game bugged? or am i simply too stupid?
Thanks 4 Help.

Can you provide screenshot of the settings?
Video of issue would be great too. Does this happen on all planes?