Control Bug on aircrafts after Seek & Destroy Update

Somehow after the new update, gaijin limits our maximum simultaneous inputs to 3 compared to before which is indefinite. Why have i came up with this conclusion? well because all my controls locked up when i press more that 4 buttons simultaenously. for example: im holding W for Wep, C for free camera, A to roll to the left its all good, but when i press left shift (elevator control) to yoke my plane up vertically, its locked up and all my controls has no value or is useless, its locked up. Just before the update, i have fine controls and these things r never a problem, perhaps theres something to do with the new patch. its annoying in air Rb especially when it locks up exactly when u need ur plane to get out of the way. Thank for those who has read this and understand the current situation, and also devs thanks for the update but please fix this bug.

I’ve had the same issue before the update (and on the dev), i thought it was a keyboard issue

My bad, i fixed my keybinds since the new updates added some new keybinds that overlap my old controls. such as virtual weapons selection and countermeasures selections