Content Partnership program doesn't work 🥺

Since I really don’t know where to turn anymore, let me complain here on the forum. My colleague and I are the authors of the War Thunder videos. We make videos, we do reviews, we put a lot of time into it. We got a membership to the Content Partnership program from Gaijin (thank you). Sometimes we take the liberty of asking to borrow some machinery to make a video.

But lately the communication with the Content Partnership people has been absolutely zero. I write emails with requests, one, two, three (I don’t want much) nobody answers me.

Please, would it be possible to do something about the Content Partnership program? For example, would it be possible to hire some temps to help with the work around?

I mean, we do free advertising for the game, we bring new players, we dedicate our time to it, don’t we really deserve at least elementary support?

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