Conte Di Cavour - Project?

Why is Conte Di Cavour listed as a “project” ship despite being completed? Is it because she was not reconstructed all the way after Taranto, and the game is using that reconstructed version?

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Based on Wikipedia source

The reconstruction of Conte di Cavour, made between 1933 and 1937, left only 40% of the original ship, in fact, making it as a brand new one.

Maybe gj is referring at this fact when they say “project”.

Imho could be better to refer as “1937 model” in order to be more precise.

Because she is sporting 2nd refit armament that was never finished, hence “project”.


So it’s the never ended planned version of 1942, with upgraded dual purposes guns.

Still it sounds kinda weird, especially since stuff like Kronshtadt is marked in the same way.

So in that case maybe something like “RN Conte di Cavour, 1942, project” would be better

There are numerous ships marked “Project” in their year of fit. Just indicates that the ship was never put into service in the configuration shown.

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