Contact Game master

Was playing fine have never cheated, got DC’d form a match was banned when i went to join a new one don’t know why don’t know how the error code i am getting is 80001017 so it is a ban but havent been able to find a reason please help been playing along time i record all my gameplay with Gforce exp so i have proof i have never cheated or hacked don’t know whats going on

If the game is not telling you why you were banned and is just giving an error code, the best practice is to contact a game master via a DM.

This is the list of game masters:

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Did it say you were banned? or was it another account you got this on? Looking up your profile there is no banned sticker on it so if you were temp banned or just a connection issue more than likely. But like War_tinder said defiantly contact a GM

seems to be a launcher or update error, try verifying the game files and restart launcher and PC and see if that helps :)