Constantly crashing mid match

Hey guys,

So I have been experiencing consistent crashing for the last 2 days. I’ll be in a match, sometimes I play all the way through. Most of the time however, the game crashes with a message saying “An Exception has occurred.”

I am playing on Steam with my Steam account. I have already verified files. No luck.

My specs:
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D
AMD 6900XT Sapphire Toxic Air Cooled Addition
32GB G.Skill Trident Royal RAM
Asus x570 Crosshair Hero 8
The drive the game is on: SNX850 2TB
Windows 11 Pro

I will mention these items as I do suspect they are contributing to my system instability: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd gen) with Focusrite Control for my Adam T5V speakers. JBL Quantum Engine software for my JBL headset.

If there’s more info you guys need I am happy to provide it.

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me too, a lot, since the air superiority packet. the client on my pc is crashing all the time, at first just in battles (total freeze of the screen lasting several mintues) but now it crashes randomly in the hangar screen too, or even the game launcher. please fix it up!
(of course, I am experiencing no other similar crashes with any other applications)

my specs:
2017 rog motherboard
cpu i7 - 8700 12cores
16 gb ram
gpu nvidia geforce 1050ti (4gb dedicated ram)
windows 11pro

ok, looks like it’s been eventually fixed, it happened with the update on the very same day I wrote my comment

As I have described in a different thread, I have the same issue. My coment from the other thread:

I have similar issues since about 3 or 4 days. The game freezes (which also freezes my whole pc) and then crashing after about 30 seconds of beeing frozen. At first it happened in Battles at random times. Now it happens in the Hangar aswell. It happens as early as 10 seconds after starting the game and beeing thrown into the hangar. After having crashed I have received multiple different Error messages. About insuficent memory or it just beeing a critical bug.
About a week before the first crash, I have started to also have very heavy frame drops. These lasted entire games and even multiple ones after another. Only a PC restart ficed these. Now whenever the game actualy lets me play, I also have these frame drops a lot.
I suspect both issues beeing liked.
As a sidenote, yesterday, the game set my Texture quality from “high” to “medium” and it was beeing shown red with a notice, of the game having switched due to running out of video memory.

im having the same issue, midgame itll bluescreen my whole system.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800x
64 gb G.skill trident z. royal ram
asus b550 motherboard
drive is sn750 500gb
windows 10 enterprise

same i was having a 5+ killstreak and my game crashed

I’m having a similar problem, but after a few seconds the game starts up again, but then it’s running at 2 frames a second. Which I would is argue is worse than just crashing.