Constant packet loss

every 2 out of 3 matches I get high packet loss and it makes the game just unplayable, the game works fine in a match and then when I start another one I just get 50%+ packet loss so I have to leave the match and get crew locked every single time, this has been happening for atleast a month at this point and I cant seem to find any fixes


What do you use to connect? Connection wise to the internet, and from your PC/laptop to your router.

(Edit - Also which mode, if naval that gives trouble)

I tought i was going crazy, i have same issue around 40-50% package loss only on EU servers even tho i have lowest ping on it. Russian and American servers have no issues wit loss.

I use an wireless adapter, it happens in ground and air rb

Yea, that’ll be the cause… Wifi and this game REALLY don’t agree…

Work on trying to get a cable connection to the router, or making the reception better by moving the laptop (If on laptop, use it plugged in to power too as if on batteries it tries to do powersaving on the inbuilt wifi) and the router itself.

Cable wont help since that is server issue, im on cable and asked in multiple matches on EU server, more or less everybody has high package loss.

You’re not the one who was forthcoming with information, nor the OP, so the issue that you have isn’t related…

And as to your problem, I’d be looking at your ISP as you do share routes, and that can commonly cause groups to have such shared issues.

Up until about two months ago I had very little packet loss, now it’s varies 0 to 50%. I have noticed it pulses, almost like a heartbeat for a period of time, then it goes away for thirty seconds or so and then starts the rhythm again. It feels deliberate and not random, almost like a DDos attack.