Constant buzzing noise in all menus

The game makes a constant noise whenever it’s running in any menu whatsoever. The noise sounds like the speakers picking up some sort of interference.

This is happening IN WARTHUNDER AND IN WARTHUNDER ONLY. I repeat. Only warthunder does this. No other app. No other app other than warthunder. Only warthunder is doing it. I repeat only warthunder. Warthunder, warthunder and nothing else than warthunder. If you tell me that it’s caused by hardware interference like 456135136135 people before you I will spam you with this entire paragraph for the rest of your life it’s in warthunder only. It’s only warthunder. Got it?

Attempted fixes:
• Reinstalled¨
• Reinstalled audio drivers
• Installed different audio drivers
• Used different audio ports
• Used a USB headset
• Changed audio interface to ESI U22XT
• Changed audio interface to ESI Maya 22
• Changed audio interface to Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
• Changed audio interface to Presonus Quantum just for shits and giggles
• Installed on a different, Intel based PC, PROBLEM PERSISTS IN ONBOARD AUDIO
• Used Windows Audio
• blood sacrifice to perun
• kill me

One last time. This isn’t hardware related. This only happens in Warthunder. I do all my audio work on this PC. Literally nothing else does this. Only warthunder. It’s not hardware related.

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I’m getting the same issue, I can alt-tab to and from WT and the noise goes away. Speakers on/off doesn’t do anything, monitor volume on zero. Tested every controllable fan and pump in PC including GPU to rule them out. It’s actually baffling wtf. No other games produce this.