Consolidated B-24J-15-CO, S/N 42-73130, the Frankenrator

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Hello everyone!

Today I’m suggesting a very weird and unique modification of the B-24.

The aircraft in question is the B-24J-15-CO, Serial number 42-73130.

As you can see, this B-24 has…well…a B-17G nose.

I must point out that concrete information/sources of this B-24 are pretty much non existent.

So, what do we know?


First, this is a B-24J, wich we don’t have ingame yet. The thing that sets the B-24J apart from the B-24D, is that it has a gunner turret in the nose, instead of three machineguns poking through some holes.

But for this aircraft that does not matter anymore, because the entire B-24 nose has been removed.

This conversion was done in May/June of 1944. The reason of doing this is not to clear, some sources state that the nose was taken from a wrecked B-17G. Maybe this B-24 has a damaged nose section wich led to this combination of the two. In order to accomplish this they basically chopped off the B24 nose around the forward cockpit bulkhead, and added the B17 nose, aligning with B24 fuselage bottom. Fairings were applied on top and sides to smooth out the profile, wich ofcourse made the whole conversion much more aerodynamic.


It was intended to be a field modification and was accomplished inside 30 days at the Middletown Air Depot in the US. The aircraft length increased by 2ft (60cm), creating more room in the nose. Weight and speed was increased by by 400lbs (181kg) and 8.5mph (13.6km/h). On the other hand the aircraft couldn’t rise above about 19000 feet without causing engine overheating and buffeting issues.

In the end it achieved none of the objectives it was build for and wasn’t pursued any further. By that time the B-24N was being planned to resolve some of the B-24s issues.

B-24 S/N 42-73130 ingame


Because we do not have the normal B-24J (Or B-24H) ingame yet, this aircraft would act as a improved B-24D. It increases the frontal devenses, and also slightly increases the speed of the aircraft.

This B-24 still has access to the usual weaponry found on any other B-24. Only now it has a chin turret and two additional 12.7mm M2 machineguns in the nose.

Also the Sperry ball turret is not showing on the photo’s, but that is because it is retracted into the fuselage when the aircraft is landed.

In my opinon this aircraft would be best added ingame as a premium, event or squadron vehicle.

As a premium vehicle this aircraft would serve as a weird and wonderfull aircraft to buy if you like bombers. It would be slightly better then the techtree B-24, and would be a very nice aircraft to have in your hanger simply because it is so weird.

As a event vehicle this could be a funny aircraft to pick up when it is available. It’s wierd, not overpowered and fun to have in your hanger.

As a squadron vehicle this could serve as simple aircraft to unlock. I don’t think many people would really want this, but then again it’s there for people to unlock for free.


Anyways that’s it! Hope you enjoyed reading about this wonderfull aircraft, and be sure to give your vote in the poll above!



This aircraft is mentioned in ‘Consolidated Mess’ book by Alan Griffith .
I sadly do not own this book, if you happen to have this book feel free to share the information that book has about this aircraft with us in the comment section.

General information Consolidated XB-41 gunship - Aircraft WWII -

Photos Experimental B-24J-15-CO, 42-73130, with B-17G nose section, containing chin turret | Aircraft of World War II - Forums

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+1, would love to see this in game

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Dunno if this is the book



I don’t play a lot the american TT but this plane sound interesting (and so damn big). +1.

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