Consideration of APFSDS shells

Should Gaijin consider adding improved APFSDS to other nations?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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So as some have already seen

Gaijin is considering adding M829A3 to the Abrams and with this, I’d like to propose the consideration of other ammunition such as L28A1, 3BM59, OFL 120 F2 along with it.

Feel free to share another shell they should consider in the comments.

Pretty sure L28A1 is just a tungsten version of L27A1, meant for export

Wasn’t that the L28A2? I’m going off from what I can remember.

Yes, it does exist but it seems to be the same case as with L28A1. In general L27A1 will just be better

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It should be by the era the tank is depicted. IMO.

I wonder what they think the “HA” in M1A1HA stands for…