Connestion error:81110013 Failed to load player profile

I tried to enter the game for the first time today but I got “Connestion error:81110013 Failed to load player profile” . I don’t know if the problem is with the servers or if it’s on my side


same issue rn

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Same problem here :(


the hampter died

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also all gaijin market vechicles are red and more these gajin market vechicles started showing and E-100 is in SET

Bro does this mean i’m going to miss my opportunity to get this tank challenge done?

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I’m also experiencing this problem.

Same Problem can` t log in anymore.

and japanese tiger is also in fcking set not for gaijin coins.

No this is momentary. Gaijin would also either give the star for free or extend the event if something like that happened.


I have the same problem
I have purchased the leopard poland and now my account isn‘t Connecting please tell me o didn’t throw my money out the window ?🥲
What is ist with this code ?

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Is it possible to ping or someone like discord so we can get this immediately solved?

Same Problem can` t log in anymore.

Thank god this had me extremely worried.

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No you did not throw your money out of the window. The playing server is just momentarily down due to some server issue.

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i don’t think u loose money but there are wierd things happening and u can’t even get RP for match so hampter died

Thats god to hear
thanks bro 👍🏼

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edit all vechicles for gaijin coins are in sets

RIP Hampter, they served us well