Connection to server

Servers down? can’t connect to server…

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I’m in the game but something’s broken at least. It takes a very long time to process purchase of researched modules. In battle when I click “return to garage” it just fades to black and then back to 3rd person view in the match. I need to keep trying to return to garage like 5-6 times before it actually does.

Also now it says “Game mode currently unavailable” when I try to start a new match.

Hampster having a break down again. Twice i have restarted my client, and cant post else where apart from here

Same issues here, just hope Gaijin didn’t eat my 292 because I finished the task right before the issues started and the 292 certainly isn’t there lmao

DOS attack

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yeah, same problem here

same here, long time to go back to garage, long time to login, lost all tanks and planes from inventory but they are visible on marketplace. Also missing upgrade coupon for 292

All my vehicle coupons vanished from my inventory, what is this nonsense?

Seems like these server issues are happening almost daily nowdays. Super frustrating, i just want to play :(

That’s their go-to excuse any time their rubbish servers break.

same here 2 sites of inventory instead of 3 this morning, camos, coupons aso gone - thanks snail

Y’know what…

After I get the last few points for the “upgrade for coupon”, I’m gonna take a long break.

I’m just done.

They dont use it all the time

ever since a few days ago the game has been unplayable for me suffering from server connection issues on every game i have i contacted gajin and their response is copy pasting article links from their website at this rate i may just uninstall this game and do something else also it seems i am not the only suffering from random Packet loss lately