Connection error:81110013 Failed to load player profile

Connection error: 81110013 Failed to load player profile

Tried everything

I keep getting this since updating to Alpha Strike

Do you have a console account? (xbox or ps)

There is an issue with loggin in through PC for console accounts, it started yesterday. Waiting for Gaijin to acknowledge it. I submitted a ticket yesterday, but since the new update is buggy as hell I assume there are thousands of tickets right now.

Absolutely ridiculous that this happened right before a major update. I cant access the items I bought nor am I able to use my premium time.

refunds or reimbursements, gaijin. Pick one after you fix this

I am on PC, Played yesterday. Updated and now kaput! I did have a vehicle purchase issue I had reversed. Do you think that had anything to do with it. No right since others are having this issue. :(

I have also verified this on three seperate computers

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I can play on guest account and a test account I created, but still unable to access my account. So its not as the error states a connection issue or none of the attemots would work.

I can log into guest account and test account within the same house and internet on a seperate computer but regardless of computer used and internet My main account gives 8110013 error. But other accounts work fine.

I refunded a vehicle as well, and now i have the same problem