Connection error: 80130182

I keep getting “Connection error: 80130182” when I try to launch the game through Steam. I went to the Knowledgebase page about this error and followed the instructions there to reset the DNS cache and restarted my PC, but the problem persists and I’m out of ideas how to resolve it.

I should note that this is the first time I’ve encountered this error and I was playing earlier this morning with no issues whatsoever so I am not sure what happened.


I’m getting the same error and can’t get into the game.
I’ve already tried to enter the game via Steam and standalone mode and it didn’t work.

I have the same problem and I did the DNS settings and it didn’t work

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Same problem.

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same problem, firewall?

i got this problem to

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Same problem here.
And I have like at least 30% package loss every single game I played today.
There’s only one game I didn’t encounter any pl, but the other games the pl starts from the beginning til I quit the game.
I can’t move and shoot but other player in my game seems to have no problem.
I’m pretty sure my network is all good.
I also tried use a VPN but it has no affect.
I guess it is probably the server.
But why I’m the one that suffers package loss almost every game?

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same problem

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yeah same here nothing works cant even connect to my secondary account

Same here

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i can connect to my secondary account but not my main account

I’m Getting the same error haven’t been able to play all morning.

Having this same problem

Same here :/

so i got myself into my account by changing my password and starting through the non steam launcher


Same here.

Look like a Steam login is down, lot’s of people complaining there that they cant enter the game.

Snails, what you had done this time!?

use your gaijin account guys

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Same thing, I was playing with no problem this morning and now i can’t launch the game beacuse of this server error, tried the dns cache clear but nothing, checked the firewall and antivirus, nothing i could do.
I guess the grind for the holy snail is finished for today.