Concept : Armor degradation?

A lame ad hominem’s all you got, eh? Congratulations on being guy number #37 who mysteriously can’t manage find one single clear example of this “pervasive bug ridden feature” not working. Welcome to the growing list!

Alright, go play WoT then

What youre saying makes no sense and is contrary to youre original opinion

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? OP’s suggestion is to make armor work the same way EVERYTHING else in War Thunder works. You hit a component, and the component loses hitpoints and eventually breaks, that is War Thunder. That is how everything else in War Thunder works and always has. WoT doesn’t work that way at all.

I have honestly no idea how or why you think making armor work “the same way everything works in War Thunder” somehow reminds you of WoT. Kinda just baffling.


This would just lead to a very heavy “spaa td” meta. M163 just hitting and penning everything because their armor disappears as it gets hit by 100s of rounds.

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Ye spaa would be op. This is already the case for some who are already carrying out massacres on tanks

why would you want to kill heavy tanks even more they’re already long dead

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Heavy tanks would be buffed by this, not nerfed… their armor lasts longer than medium tanks against bad shots. When everything is “nerfed” at once, and you are nerfed less than average, you actually got buffed.

Regardless it doesn’t really matter, because BR algorithm just cancels buffs and nerfs all out

If just as a simple example, you made it proportional to energy of the round, a wirbelwind for example has a 100g projectile going at about 1000 m/s. A tiger has a 10,000g projectile going about 800 m/s.

Energy is proportional to mv^2 so point blank, the Tiger’s shell should do about as much damage to armor as 64 wirbelwind rounds, or in other words, a full belt of wirbelwind should barely do more damage than 1 tiger shot, and takes similar amounts of time to fire off and reload. Hardly seems very meta breaking to me, if it already would have taken multiple tiger shots to degrade a good piece of armor meaningfully.

It would be correct, although your example with an M1 and an M163 VADS would be somewhat extreme, in general terms something like this should happen, since when receiving an impact the metal suffers, especially in the impact area the metal would weaken quite a bit making several shots in the same area would result in a breakage of the armor, as for example happened to a Tiger 2 that the Soviets used for shooting tests, after several impacts the front simply broke completely. But in any case I doubt that they will implement it anymore That’s realistic, and gaijin has been looking for a kind of WOT 2.0 for some time now, instead of looking for a game that’s a little more realistic without being a simulation, apparently they hope to take players away from WOT or something like that.

What is your source for that statement please? Also can you explain degradation as regarding Armour. Also, what era are you talking and what Armour?

The source is that nobody complains about how engines work when they also do not remotely realistically respond to shells. Or human bodies. Or radiators. Or cannon barrels. Or optics. Or transmissions. Or…

So they’re not gonna care here either. About gameplay implications, sure, about the damage realism, no.

So that’s a no then…

There wasn’t a yes or no question I was answering, but ok dude. Whatever you’re talking about you’re right, good job.

Also, can you explain how these modern often classified Armours actually degrade? Can you define the degradation and what will cause it? You will need plenty of time because as others have said there are many types of Armour but over to you…

I said it was irrelevant and almost no players know this. So how are any of those sensical questions? It’s irrelevant and people don’t care, so the details don’t matter.

come on guys relax. There’s just a misunderstanding ! I still find your opinions interesting and relevants

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There are far more features that should be considered before this, partially because there’s a limited amount of CPU power to use for physics simulations.
Regenerative steering, superior perforation simulation, better aircraft damage models, etc are needed and all of those are added CPU cycles with some more than others.

No other game has degenerative armor currently for the CPU reason.


I said the whole concept was very WoT and you said it was workable and I was being silly so now explain why? Given that most Abrams or similar in reality are retired after multiple hits when damage gets high with with a good crew survival rate as opposed to destroyed as they are in War Thunder. This is not the WT mechanic.

The WT mechanic of destruction is what most players seem to like about the game and dislike about WoT.

“if shell hits armor, multiply mass by the square of velocity on impact, for the effective angle (all of this has already been calculated anyway for pen and is free), and subtract that many hitpoints from the plate” does not require any (additional) physics calculations. It requires like, a 3rd grade arithmetic problem to be solved, and a little bit of RAM to store the damage to plates. All the 3d color stuff for the damage display, hitcam, already exists as well and is used for all other components already and is already generic.

You have to have armor zones like with ERA, and that can cause issues with the current system.