Computer spec needed

What spec would I need to play the game to its full capacity. I play on my laptop which has 8gb ram, AMD ryzen 5 and AMD radeon graphics. I have full fibre broadband. I usually play via wifi but sometimes wired.
I can only play on medium graphics settings if I go higher it becomes glitchy. I noticed I’m only getting 50 FPS which goes down to 10 during play. I play with the built in mouse which makes it a pain for turning to view quickly, would a wired mouse be better.

Your RAM isn’t playable for most games these days.
16GB minimum.
And since you’re going down to 10FPS, I’m 100% certain it’s your RAM.


The recommended system is:

OS: Windows 7 64bit / 8 64bit / 10 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i5 or Ryzen 5 3600 and better
Memory: 16 GB and more
Video Card: DirectX 11 level video card or higher and drivers: Nvidia GeForce 1060 and higher, Radeon RX 560 and higher
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 35 GB

To play, of course it will be easier to play with a wired or wireless mouse.

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1: get an actual mouse
2: at least 16gb of ram
3: get a dedicated gpu.

If you want to play on max graphics, I highly suggest doing a desktop pc. Laprops dont get good gpus until the high end stuff which at that point a desktop is cheaper.

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Changed the ram to 16gb and its considerably better.

Nice. That looked like one of your major bottlenecks.

Well I think your Graphics are at issue here, but also what you do in parallel on your PC.

So first things first, I play the Game on maximum graphics on 2560x1440px and get a reliable 140FPS.
My Setup isn’t a typical gamer PC, so you don’t need overly expensive stuff for that.
OS: Win 10 (11 is so bloated, it will just slow you down)
CPU: Ryzen 5 (5600) 6-Core at a base speed of 3.50 GHz (Goes over 4GHz under load)
RAM: 32 GB (If I play War thunder a maximum of like 10 is used, so 12 GB of RAM should be enough)
Graphics: AMD Radeon RX 6600 8GB VRAM (See, you don’t need an expensive Graphics Card, you can get this one for around 200-250€ in Europe)

Possible Bottlenecks for you are probably the RAM and what kind of Graphics Card you use.
You already said you upgraded your RAM and it got better, so for another speed boost I would recommend you to get a dedicated Graphics Card.
Your CPU (Ryzen 5) should be fine as is.

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My computer’s CPU is i5 7200U
The graphics card is Intel (R) HD Graphics 620
RAM size is 8GB
Enabling “low-end graphics card support” in Warthunder allows players to achieve frame rates between 30-60 in the game

Of course, if the resolution is lowered, a higher frame rate can be achieved

Maybe his CPU is throttling

I get about 35 to 45 fps with 8gb ram(i5 6200u) while using low graphics setting and 60+ FPS using ULQ. But if I enable ULQ then the game starts to stutter.

Doubt that. Although it could depend of which ryzen 5 and the cooling of his laptop. Ryzen 5 should have no issues with war thunder.

The integrated graphics are a big bottleneck though. While the ryzen 5 is good cpu wise, its integrated graphics is not good for war thunder. I an war thunder on the same thing like 4 years ago and was getting maybe 20-25fps on ULQ with drops to 15fps on ground maps.

Dont worry bro i play on my macbook airwhich has 8gb ram with i7 (cant remember the generation) and i have to play on minimum graphics but the game runs nicely at 70 to 80 fps.

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I need to get a new gaming laptop that can run WT effortlessly, at least for a couple of years. Any advice on what laptop, cpu/gpu that vastly covers what WT demands?

Will this Lenovo Legion Slim 5 16APH8 with
R7 7840HS / 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD / RTX 4060 be enough? Any other suggestions? Not a very tech person, so def need some help here!

I cant play right now because my pc specs: ryzen 5 4600g and 8gb ram the last update when i play is in march now i cant play

My computer is not expensive
intel i5 10400
8 GB Ram
4 Gb VRam
resolution does not matter i can play 1920x1080 but actually play 1600x900
also i activated Vsync for limit FPS to 60 otherwise my computer reach perfectly 75º/167F