Completely unable to join a match since SoA update went live

Like the title says, unable to join a match since the update. It’s not on my end, I’m using the same network I’ve used to play for well over a year with very low ping on NA (average is around 20ms with 0% PL) and no outstanding issues before. Now I’m unable to connect on any server. Whenever I enter the matchmaker, the timer begins like normal, but once it finds a match and the screen transitions from hangar to the loading screen it disconnects and sends me back to the hangar with the message “Lost connection to the server. Returning to the menu”, it’s done this every time since the update. I’ve re-logged multiple times and have even analyzed my network performance in task manager and nothing is out of the ordinary. Is there any potential fix, or am I cursed to just wait for it to be patched?