Complete non penetration of a side shot?

I’m on mobile so these forums probably don’t look like the same as it would on a computer but this seems like the right section.

What happened here? This is so common for me as well. Russian ERA that provides barely any kinetic protection eating entire darts. Leopard just eating whole darts without any damage internally and the same with STRVs. And now I’ve got a Chinese tank just disappearing a dart. The damn petal did more damage than the dart.

I simply don’t know what else I have to do on this damn game to kill people at top tier. A majority of my side shots against the above nations(except China) seem to end up without being 1 shot kills, or even a a disabling shot. I get the jump on just about everyone, get first shot off. They’ll simply turn to me, and one shot me since my entire front face of an Abrams is able to be penned, and if you’re a leopard you can pen my turret cheek.

Since I can’t frontally shoot any of the above tanks with as much ease as they can shoot me anywhere. I adapted back to 6.0 play style of flanking everyone I can. Except, unlike then which would generally disable a tank for a good follow up shot if I didn’t one shot… top tier is basically just a free kill for them since they can turn and shoot me and I can for nothing. Some of this is me bitching but I’m honestly lost because none of this stuff at top tier makes sense. I can’t shoot form the front, and I can’t shoot form the side. Do I have to start getting behind the enemy and shoot them from the rear, JFC!