Complain via Player card

So my point is in this. Every player can fill complain report in the game on any other player, even without playing with him in the same session.
I do not know if anybody from gajin who implemented this has ever thinked about it, I have my money on , NO , option, but this is epic fault.

If you make some player angry, he can fill a complain on you, even you not doing anything wrong he can do it. He can also ask other teammates to do the same, he can ask his clan teammates to do the same, and he can ask in any other forum, chat or any social media group to do it.

The problem is even biger, because we have in the nicknames in different alphabet. It is easier to remember latin then russian or chines alphabet. To be honest chines nickname are giving no sense to most of non chines speaking players.

My experience. Chines player went toxic after I teamkilled him by acident, because missile has switched the target, he rushed from angle I could not see him, and it was long distance launch. I apologized and it was done for me, but he went full toxic and used standard SP stuff about mother, etc. It went so far, that he asked to report me in the chat and also in his guild. Result I got banned beacause I recieved 10+ reports, for any reason you can find in the complain list.

I think this banning system is automatized, nobody in Gajin is ever looking into it. You get certain amount of reports, here is the penalty.

So if it works this way, why there is option on every Player card of any player to fill complain report against this player? This option should be disabled.

Imho you mix here some things up: Auto-bans after getting above a certain amount of team kills (yes it exists) and spamming the report function with all kind of reports (it exists too).

The main issue is imho the missing transparency (and/or feedback to you) in case you get falsely accused of doing something wrong. I remember getting spammed with all kinds of chat related accusations - despite being in the middle of a 30 day chat ban :-)

I would try to contact a game master in case you are wrongly banned; i had 2 positive examples of revoking a chat ban by them. Unfortunately i can’t tell more about other experiences, but from my perspective the total number of reports is not connected to an actual ban.

Try to spade (or just fly) a high alt US prop and see your whole team dying like flies in most of your matches. You will have 4 guys behind you and another 4 behind and below you - so you can’t really turn into them. You will get spammed with reports of guys unable to catch you like there is no tomorrow - but nothing will happen if you remain calm and just ignore all chat.

(sorry, don’t take it personal, I just loove that scene in SW…)

I’m afraid you loose that money… ;-)

This will only result in him getting his reporting function blocked for a while for report spam, if he does this repeatedly.

I keep mentioning this here in the forum: No matter how many time you are reported, if the reports contain no valid reason for a chat ban (as provable in the automatically attached chat log…), a player will NOT get chat banned.

Nope. Check the Who is Who page here in the forum: The first section, Game Masters, that’s us, the team tasked with processing all the player made chat related reports. All incoming reports are read and actioned upon if valid, or rejected if invalid. Chat reports are NOT automatically processed, all is done manually.

= )

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No problem I am also fan of SW :D

So when I got the message : , you have been banned, because you have been reported for TK, Abuse, Language,… more then 10x . Somebody in Gajin has read all the reports, saw logs and penalized me. In this case he has to be penalized also I do not know, and I do not care about this chines guy. But I am sure I could be penalized for language only. because I know my self, end when somebody starts to put family into this I respond. But I defeinitely have not done anything else, ok the teamkill, becasue game mechanic work as they work, but it was not on purpose. So why the message I got looked like a message from BOT? And second, it all hapend within 6-8 hours, that looks to fast for gajin in my opinion. We are used to wait months until Gajin does something.

lets say I believe you, but still I dunno how I could get so many reports in one session, and why is the complain card on every player card, when as you have said, you do not take care of reports sent by this option.

that was writen in the ingame message I got next day. Something like this : , you have been banned for 30 days, you have been reported for teamkilling, abuse, abusive language, bot, … 10+ times., It is not exactly the same, I do not remember every word.

And I take the punishment, I have not asked to remove the bann. I deserved it maybe, bacause I also lost my patient, when he pulled my family into his insults. I waited whole month, now the bann is removed, and now I feel I can ask why it is as it is, and how this report thing works.

I still do not understand why Gajin does not use some kind of Chat AI moderator which will just ***** out insults.

Ok, I think you may have misread the original statement made to you, For the 10+ reports, yes you would have seen this: you have been reported for TK, Abuse, Language,… But I believe it far more likely that the ban was because of a tk, the one you mentioned that started the whole mess was prolly just part of it. Remember, tk’s are still handled by the automated system, and team “damage” is also figured in there as well. As far as I can remember, even dropping bombs on friendly ground targets can count against a player’s “tk total” . . but it would take a great deal to make much difference.
I think what has happened is that the automatic warning, that anyone/everyone can get if they get 10 or more reports against them, just happened to be triggered in a very close proximity in time, to this tk ban you got. Unless the ban was for something else. I’d wager it is coincidence more than anything.
But you got “report bombed”, and yeah . . MANY players still believe that getting a lot of reports against a player will get them banned somehow . . . it does not. A player can only catch a ban for breaking the Rules we all agreed to follow when we made our accounts, never for the number of reports against them. And yes, making false reports is also against those Rules.
I’m sorry for the situation you find yourself in, many factors/variables led you here, and that’s too bad. You can pm a Game Master for clarification, they won’t do that openly in a post/thread. But it is a myth that players can get banned for the number of reports made against them, it just doesn’t work that way . . . better luck in the future

Maybe it was like you said. I do not know, I have hard time to believe Gajin is doing something what makes sense. My experience after 12 years is , mostly negative then positive with Gajin.

But now I have at least some idea how the bann and report system works, because as I said. When you get banned, chat banned you just get message which is confusing and nothing else.

thank you for explanation.

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Well, knowing both sides, I understand how players come to this conclusion, but as I also know what and how it works behind the doors of our work. I can assure you that it is indeed thought through and makes sense.

But as I said, players only see direct effects, or also the lack thereof (as we don’t for example communicate to the reporter what punishment an offender has or has not gotten). And frankly, some stuff si confusing (I hate that “you have been reported 10 times” pop up for example because it only confuses people and helps absolutely zero, in my personal view).