[Competitions] Unloved Skin Competition - winners


Loving the Unloved

We present to you the top 3 skins of the Live.WT “Loving the Unloved” competition

1st place: GremlinGus -reward A2D-1**

2nd place: Zelda_AA - reward XA-38

3rd place: Aotea - reward [ BTD-1]

Honourable Mentions

YOURTeamMate, Dras_Leona, andreslittardi@psn, Capt_Versteegh, Allfarder

Both Honourable Mentions will each receive 100 itemType_eagles_ALT.png for their efforts.

I already owner an xa38
I don’t want anything else. If that’s not possible, consider sending a gift to another user.

Could I perhaps suggest changing the reward back to being a “premium of your choice” of a certain rank e.g rank 3. the last few loving the unloved skin contests that have rolled around have all had rewards I already have, so I saw no point in entering them, which is the same situation a few of the people i play the game with share. The reason I bring this up, is because skin makers are usually quite avid players of the game and normally have quite a few vehicles already unlocked so that variety would like to incentivise more player interaction, and entries, aka make more people take part. Apologise that this reply is late, I have just been occupied on transferring my wall of suggestions between the forums.