Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-27 Sabre Mk.32 - "The Hunter Down Under"

Huge +1. I was planning on gathering info for a suggestion soon but it looks like I’ve been beaten! Nice!

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Yes please. Given the sheer extent of the modifications this is pretty well the last truly Australian fighter.

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This looks awesome and the ADENS will definitely add some punch to aircraft with often frustrating firepower.

I’m always keen for more Australian content, the Avon Sabre is a very cool plane. Given how over tiered some Sabres already are, and this being even better than them, I’m not sure it’d sit in a nice place. But I’d still like to have it.

I forgot to transfer my suggestion from old forum lol

+1, this and/or (preferably and!) the Gnat F.1 would be great to remedy Britain’s lack of 9.3 light fighter!


We also have 2 domestic sabres, the F.2 and F.4 (CL-13 mk.2/4 respectively) however they would probably be 8.7.

Whilst we only had 3 F.2s, we operated over 400 F.4s for a few years in the 50s until the hunters became avaliable so should definetly get them


Wonderful job on this nice

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Definitely the ‘and’ would be ideal as both are unique platforms with their own historical relevancy, there’s no rule against Britain having two good aircraft per rank is there?

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Their is suffer

Agreed, both would provide their unique flavour to the light fighter role, with the Gnat’s improved flight performance making it a formidable dogfighter and the Sabre’s wider array of suspended ordinance making it more versatile. I’d actually want a third aircraft of similar capabilities- the HAL Ajeet, an Indian modification of the Gnat (with identical performance) as a premium.

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The Ajeet would be good. I’m also working on a Gnat Mk.2 post (Gnat with bigger wing and reheat) too but it would likely have to be 9.7 where it would be crushed so i’m not sure about its viability. But if Gaijin ever cave and put the attackers up to 10.7/11.0 then i’ll definitely put it up.

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It would be great to see this aircraft finally in game. I feel like it’s a natural fit in the UK tree to match the other western nations’ Sidewinder armed Sabres. And 30mm + Avon power would make it a bit more competitive with later jets.

A new video from Not A Pound For Air To Ground is a nice watch.

+1, would be great for either the UK or potentially a Commonwealth TT

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How is this not add already? you have had 11 years, hop to it!

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+1 for the Aussie Sabre!

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Kangaroo pun intended?

I feel like this would be a solid higher tier squadron vehicle.

Not quite a Mk. 32, but I did see this Mk. 31 at the Queensland Air Museum this morning.

I also bought a F-86 Sabre book by Maurice Allward which lists specifications on all Sabre models. It mentions Firestreak missiles being tested on the Mk. 31.