Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-27 Sabre Mk.32 - "The Hunter Down Under"

Not quite a Mk. 32, but I did see this Mk. 31 at the Queensland Air Museum this morning.

I also bought a F-86 Sabre book by Maurice Allward which lists specifications on all Sabre models. It mentions Firestreak missiles being tested on the Mk. 31.


There is footage of a Sabre with the RAAF Serial number A94-922 carrying Firestreak missiles:

And when you search up the serial number, it corresponds with a CAC Sabre CA27 Mk.30. Where it i mentions it being used for air trials for developmen of Blue Jay Missile, which went on to become the Firestreak.


Yes please.

Meaning that CA-27 Mk.30 with Firestreak and CA-27 Mk.32 with AIM-9B should be be added.

This one doesn’t have cannons though, but would be kinda cool.